Learning Goals

In relation to families

To educate families in relevant areas of child development.

To encourage family involvement

To support the family in child nurturing

To provide information about support agencies within the community for families with additional needs

To develop good relationships through open and honest communication and to implement effective communication strategies between the centre and families, to ensure all families needs are met on an individual basis and there is a mutual respect between staff and families.

To encourage mutual sharing of culture, skills and information with families

In relation to children

To provide a stimulating environment that meets the needs of each individual child to promote growth and development

To facilitate children’s learning about our community

To foster the ability to follow an activity through to it’s conclusion

To develop matching, sorting and comparing skills

To encourage children’s cognitive development through guessing, estimating and predicting

To foster the understanding that words have meaning

To develop negotiation and conflict resolution skills

To develop children’s spatial awareness

To enhance the understanding mathematical concepts of less, more volume and measurement

To encourage children to develop at their own pace

To develop a sense of self confidence and encourage children to take risks and experience failure as well as success

To display feelings for others and empower children to express personal feelings to others

To provide a play based learning environment which emphasises fun and promotes self esteem

To develop a sense of responsibility when caring for personal belongings

To develop and encourage the child to make choices and take responsibility

To develop problem solving skills

To develop curiosity in a world around the child

To develop life skills through cooking and self help experiences

To develop understanding of concepts of literacy and numeracy

To develop empathy for the feelings of others

To develop a positive attitude towards books and reading

To develop physical skills in all areas of gross and fine motor development and eye hand co-ordination

To develop tactile awareness through sensory experiences

To develop empathy for the feelings of others

To develop a positive self image

To enhance their musical awareness through song, dance and movement

To recognise Australia’s heritage and the customs of other cultures

In relation to staff

To ensure that staff always consider the interests of the children first and are committed to providing a high quality care

To ensure that staff receive ongoing training and support to further their knowledge within the field of early childhood education

To develop positive and effective communication amongst team member within the centre

To provide an environment where all staff display a happy and inviting manner

To provide support for continuing development of skills and knowledge in early childhood

In relation to the community

To advocate on behalf of all children within the community and professionally portray the importance of early childhood education in society and establish an on going network and to provide the community with a standard of quality care.

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